GRE Reading Comprehension: JiJing 352-GRE阅读机经352篇 - ZP4SYF74VK_D56DUJ

With which of the following statements about Impressionist painting would the author of the passage be most likely to agree? A. The view that Impressionist painting is concerned primarily with themes of leisure is based in part on a limited definition of what constitutes work. B. Many Impressionist paintings once regarded as representing work themes are now viewed as being concerned primarily with the representation of leisure. C. Most of the Impressionist paintings that treat work themes depict activities representing urban and suburban labor. D. Although themes of work appear frequently in Impressionist paintings, these themes are limited to the traditional representations of work as rural physical labor. E. Notwithstanding the large body of Impressionist painting in which work themes are present, the notion that Impressionist paintings are primarily about leisure activities is essentially correct.