GRE Reading Comprehension: JiJing 352-GRE阅读机经352篇 - Z5V3WD3W5168Q55KJ

It can be inferred from the passage that if Keay's proposed explanation of meteor sounds is correct, it is true that A. meteors themselves produce no audible vibrations, even though the meteor does cause the sounds that observers hear B. when an observer hears the sounds, it is his or her own hair that is causing the audible vibrations C. if two observers in widely separated locations hear sounds caused by the same meteor, the audible vibrations that reach the observers are produced by different objects D. visible light and VLF radio waves are the only forms of electromagnetic radiation that are given off by a meteor's trail E. atmospheric conditions, such as clouds, that made a meteor invisible to observers on the ground would also prevent those observers from hearing any sounds caused by that meteor