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ConversationA fundraiser I'm organizing: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a university employee. Student: Wow you guys aren't too easy to find. Employee: Yeah they've got us in the basement. Student: Well there could've been a better sign. Anyway I made it. Could I get some color copies of this flyer? Employee: Sure. How many do you need? Student: 500. It's for a fundraiser I'm organizing, and I need enough copies for each faculty and staff member, plus a few to hang on bulletin boards. Employee: What kind of fundraiser? Student: Oh it's to raise money for a new sandbox for the preschool on campus. Employee: Oh yes my wife and I looked into the preschool for our son, but we arrived on campus too late for him to enroll. I just started at the university this semester so maybe we'll get him in next year. Do you work there? Student: No, not exactly. I'm majoring in early childhood education and for a research paper I've been spending time there observing the different ways they teach pre-reading skills. I was really surprised by all the learning tools and techniques that they use in the classroom and even on the playground. Employee: Yeah it's fascinating what they do with kids these days. Student: Anyway, another thing that surprised me was how sparse their playground is. Just a slide, some balls and a couple swings for like 45 kids. The director told me she'd love to have a good sandbox too which got me thinking. I have to do 20 hours of community service to graduate so I offered to organize a fundraiser to buy a sandbox and the director really loved that idea. I figured that'll take 20 hours at least. Employee: How are you going to raise the money? Student: I got my advisor, Professor Campbell, to teach a parenting workshop there. He's gonna give tips on raising toddlers. Employee: Wow great idea. Toddlers can be a challenge. I know that from experience. Student: I'm sure. Anyway, the workshop's just 3 weeks ago so I need to distribute the flyers as soon as possible. Could I get the color copies right now? Employee: Well normally I'd say yes but our color copiers are undergoing routine maintenance right now so it might take a day or two – but if you need them right away you could use one of our black and white copiers. They're all self service. Student: I guess that'll be okay. Thanks. Employee: By way, how much are you going to charge for that workshop? Student: $50. But that registration fee also includes a copy of Professor Campbell's new parenting book. He wrote this great book about toddlers that sells for $25. Employee: $50 seems a little high – but since you include the book too. Student: Yeah the book's gotten some great reviews too. Employee: Hmm. Can I have one of your flyers after you make the copies? Student: Sure. I'll give you a few if you want to help me spread the word.