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ConversationFundraiser: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee in the student affairs office. Employee: Oh, hi, Susan. Student: Oh, I'm here. Employee: Congratulations on your election, president? huh. Student: Thanks. You know I've been on the student activities board since my first few years, so I thought I'd try for a leadership role over it. Employee: Oh, good, good. It serves a lot of experience in planning this on campus. Student: Yeah. But I won't think it's always been involved in smaller contents. Its president I'm gonna be responsible for campuswide event. It can be challenging, but a lot of fun. Employee: Yes. It's serious. Student: So I have an idea. I'd like to book the Jimmy Smith Band to come. I think would be a great show to have on campus. Employee: Well, you can see Jimmy Smith Band come here. Student: Turns out if there is a show at Central University in a couple of months so they'll be in the area. And someone said that Jimmy Smith himself graduated from here a few years back, so I just need to book them. Employee: Oh, are you a fan? Student: Be honest I haven't heard them. I don't think they're too well-known around here, but I found out that they sounded similar to the Magic Phone. Employee: Oh, they played illustriously? Student: Oh, yeah, they were ahead. Well, they are ... they are popular. So um I'm not exactly sure what I need to, well, what I need to do to ... like get funded. Employee: Well, it can be a lengthy process. First you need to come up with a budget. You figure out how much it will actually cost, and fill out an application form to apply funding. And you submit the form to me, to this office, that is. And the funding board will go over it and let me noted. Student: Um. Employee: And the budget is approved, then, depending on how highly anticipated cost will be. I may have to send it to the office of the dean for another approval, then you can go ahead and try to book the band. Student: And I have heard a rumor that funds is a little low right now. Employee: That's Right. You know that most events on campus are funded by the student activities to include limited solution bill and normally there are enough funds available, but the cost for last year's community outreach day were much higher than expected. Student: Arrange some type of fundraiser, right? Like a car-wash. Employee: He could. But the amount of money you made, especially given the cost of cleaning supplies, you might be disappointed. Student: Well, do you have any suggestions? Employee: Well, you might consider an auction. Uh, you could obtain items from local businesses to sell to the highest bidder. They probably won't mind donating items since it's free advertising. My colleague at another university told me about a student who says that made quite a bit of money from an auction fundraiser. Student: Yeah, that's a good idea. I just need to know how to get started. Can I have your colleague's number? Employee: No problem. Student: Yeah.