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ConversationFinal paper with more than a hundred pages: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a conversation between a student and an academic advisor. Advisor: Nice to see you Keith. So how are you classes going this semester? Student: Yea, so far so good. I like all my professors and I am really interested in the stuff I am learning, so. Yea, good. Advisor: I am glad to hear that. Student: Yea, ah ... but next semester I am not so sure about. Advisor: Oh? Student: Yea, I went back and I was looking through the course descriptions for the four courses that I signed up for ... Advisor: Yes ... Student: And I noticed that none of them have a final exam, they all have a final paper. And then I did the math and figured out I'd have to hand in more than a hundred pages during the last week of class. I almost fainted. Advisor: Oh my ... I don't know how I missed that. Student: Well, those courses all sound so interesting and that is all I was thinking about. Advisor: Yes, but I should have ... anyway. So, right now you are registered for ... Student: Introduction to world poetry ... Advisor: Ok. Student: The European novel ... Advisor: Ok. Student: Science in the ancient world ... Advisor: Ok. Student: And ... the special seminar on Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. Advisor: Ok. Student: I need the world poetry and European novel courses for my major and they are hard to get into, so I think I'd better keep those. Advisor: Yes, that makes sense. And, what about the other two? Student: I hate to do this, but I think I am gonna have to drop both of them. Advisor: Oh! Student: Yea. I am so nervous about the literature courses, they are gonna be tough; so, I should replace the other two. Advisor: Okay. Well, have you fulfilled your language requirement? Student: No. Foreign language doesn't come all that naturally to me. So ... Advisor: What did you take in high school? Student: German. Advisor: Okay, well, how about if we find a German One class that still has some seats available? Student: You know; I took that my first two years of high school so it's been a few years. Advisor: Oh, I am sure it'll come back to you. Student: How about Latin? Would that count toward my language requirement? Advisor: Sure. Student: Because one of my friends, he signed up for it, and so having someone to study with would be helpful, I think. Advisor: Great idea! We can even see if there are any seats available in the section your friend is taking. That shouldn't be a problem! Student: And then I was thinking I could take pre-calculus. I have always done well in math. Advisor: Great! Now, to take pre-calculus you need to have taken three years of high school math. Student: Yep. And I got all A's! Advisor: And you need to have passed the University's Mathematic Diagnostic Test. Student: Oh ... Advisor: Well, it's actually being offered this coming Saturday, if you're comfortable taking it on such short notice. And you'd get your score back early next week, so you'd still have time to register. Student: Let's see. Today is Tuesday so I would have three days to review and brush up a bit. Piece of cake! Advisor: Ok. Sounds like a plan.