ConversationLooking for a book: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee in the university bookstore. Employee: Can I help you with something? Student: Yeah, I'm looking for this one book, uh, the main text for anthropology 305 African Storytelling. You haven't listed on your website, but I've checked all over and I don't see it here. Employee: Ok, let me just locate that for you. African storytelling ... Oh, you know what the professor for that course actually change the reading list this semester. And ... uh, professor Stone. Right? Student: Right. Employee: Yeah, he put a new edition of that book on the list this time. And it's been hard to get a hold of. We were only able to get ten copies to start with. So unfortunately, we sold out a while ago. Student: Oh, right. I know I'm kind of late. Actually. I slipped into the class at the last minute. They just told me today that spot has opened up. Employee: That's lucky for you. But that course is always popular and it seems especially popular this year. Students have been coming in all week looking for the new addition and have told them all the same thing. Student: Um, but the website said ... Employee: If you saw it listed on our website, that was probably the old edition. We have plenty of those in stock, but we're still waiting on another order of the addition you need. So I'll take your name down and you should check back ... uh ... next Friday. Student: Next friday? But isn't there any way I could get it earlier? Employee: I know it's inconvenient, but there probably won't be too much reading in the first couple weeks of class. So ... Student: That's just it. Well, you see, I'm taking seven courses this semester. Employee: Seven, you're joking. Student: It's the only way I can graduate this year. But so ... I was planning to read ahead in this class, you know, get all the reading done for it now while I don't have much to do yet, then later in the semester I'll have more time for my other classes. So if I have to wait for the book. Employee: I see, huh. Do you know anyone else who's taking the course? Student: Sure. Actually, my roommate is. Employee: Why don't you borrow her copy? Student: Uh, I don't think sharing a copy would work if I'm gonna do all the reading, I need to carry it with me around campus and stuff. Employee: Then what about a library copy? Don't professors put library copies of textbooks on reserve, reserved for students in the course? You could claim one of those. Student: Oh, you're right. Oh, but no, I don't think they actually let us take reserve books out of the library, like, you have to sit there and read them. So as much as I'd love to just live in a library these next couple weeks, right? Employee: Well, you could always order it online, but you have to pay extra for quick delivery. Student: Yeah, I was hoping to avoid that. So ... you still have the older edition, right? Maybe I'll ask the professor if it's similar enough.