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ConversationApply For Housing: Narrator: Listen to the conversation between a student and the department of housing employee. Student: Hi, I'm a first year student and I wasn't sitting housing for the past six months. A classmate just told me that I might've missed the application deadline for the next academic year. I didn't know I had to apply again so early. I thought I'd better stop by. Oh, has that deadline passed? Employee: Well, housing is a three-stage process with a few different deadlines. One of them is approaching soon but none of them has passed yet, so you're fine. Student: Great! Oh, that's a relief. Could you tell me then about what I'll need to take care of? Employee: Sure! For stage one, you only have until the end of this week to do two things. First, you need to go to the university homepage and complete the housing re-application online. And secondly, if that get approved you have to pay the one thousand dollar non-refundable housing deposit. Student: Uh-oh. Oh, I mean the thousand dollars is not a problem. It's the non-refundable part that ... Employee: Well, what do you mean? Student: Well, it's just that I don't know yet precisely where I'll be next year. I applied for the university study abroad option, but they won't make their decision for a few more months, so I do really need to plan for both possibilities, but if the $1000 is non-refundable ... Employee: Well, you still have to meet our re-application and deposit deadlines to remain eligible for any future guaranteed housing. Otherwise, you'll be always put on the waiting list. However, the study abroad program is an exception to our non-refundable policy. So, if you get accepted into that program, you can submit a study abroad notification form to our office. Student: So what will that do? Employee: That way, oh, we can change your status. But you'll still be eligible for future housing. And the $1000 will be credited to your account. Student: Oh, ok. Employee: Now, as part of stage two of the housing process, coming in at about a month, there will be an official open house reception. It will provide students with the opportunity to visit the different student housing buildings and also to learn more about the surrounding communities. You know, since we're a city college, some of those areas have different attractions, which give each of them a different personality. Take Tremble Hall for instance, it's right next to a weekend's farmer's market and there's Clark Hall, which is on the same block as the art museum. Lots of options to explore. Student: Great! I will plan to attend. And what about roommates, there's two friends I'd like to live with. Can I arrange that? Employee: Yes, the day ... oh ... the day after the open house, submit a roommate preference card. Make sure only one person submits all of the information on one card. Now, we do the best we can to accommodate groups. However, please be aware that as space become limited, individuals of the group may be placed in different locations. Student: Got it! And what's stage three? Employee: That's the final stage where you select the specific room that you'd like.