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Written records of ancient civilizations preserved in several forms have added to our knowledge of early literate societies. A. Clay tablets from Mycenaean Greece provide insights into its economy and state structures, and interpreting Mayan symbols on stone stelae has led to a new understanding of Mayan history. B. Accidents of preservation of ancient texts can lead to a misunderstanding of the functions and purposes of writing in early literate societies. C. The earliest written record of Anglo-Saxon England, The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, describes the early kings of England and provides valuable insights into its emergence as a full state society. D. Literary texts written on marble by the Classical Greek and Roman civilizations have survived, while Egyptian literary texts that were written on papyrus are now very rare. E. As a result of reading ancient historical texts, historians have come to understand that many early European kings were as powerful as the chiefs of Africa and Polynesia in recent times. F. Ancient historical and literary texts present their societies from particular points of view that can lead researcher to develop mistaken assumptions about these societies.