ConversationLight is burned out: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and the manager of the University's maintenance department. Manager: Hi, Eatus. Ah, how can I help you this time? Is it the plumbing again? Eatus: Not this time. The job your guys did on weakened pipes is still holding up. But this time the lights in the hallway of my dorm need replacing. Two of them have burned out. Manager: No problem. I'll send someone over to change them right away. Eatus: Oh, and, can I have them? Manager: What? The old lights? Sure, yes. What do you want them for? Eatus: Just for my art project. Manager: Really? Eatus: I have got an art project but I haven't finished it yet. It's a blue ceramic sculpture, kind of abstract, but it's kind of boring too. I thought if I use broken glass around the base of the sculpture. Manager: Ok. Eatus: The ceramic is dark blue, and with the fade of the glass from the broken lights, the contrast of the color should make more interesting to look at. Manager: Hum, certainly sounds unique. What did your professor think? Eatus: She'd not particularly thrilled with it, yet. Manager: I guess you could add other types of materials and make your piece seem even more interesting. Eatus: I did give that some thought. But I am not sure if? Manager: Well, look around here. We've got all kinds of stuff just lying around. You see, we have got wire, a little pieces of metal, here a piece of wood from old chair. Eatus: Oh, that kind of step wouldn't work at hall. It's actually a very small sculpture. Manager: Well, you know they're here if you need the. Eatus: You did have some god ideas, though. Manager: Well, believe it or not, I studied art when I was a student. My major course of study was engineering , but I also took a lot of art classes including sculpture class. Is anything else I can help you with? Eatus: Well, actually yes. The home-coming parade is in three weeks. And the chess club wants to enter float in the parade. You know, to raise the profile of the club and show school spirit. Manager: Uh huh. Eatus: And this year the parade is green theme. So all the decorations on the floats have to be made of natural materials. This is going to be a competition for the best float, too. And after the parade, all the decorations have to be recycled. Manager: Imagine that wasn't chess club. Eatus: You see, that's why we want to decorate a vehicle and enter into the parade. Then everyone will know we have a chess club. And maybe, just maybe we get some new members. But right now it's my job to design the float. And I'm not coming up with any good ideas. Manager: Next week we've gonna be running the trees here on campus. There'll be a lot of stakes, branches and leaves. Eatus: Oh, that'll be great.