GRE Reading Comprehension: ETS Official Practice 150-GRE OP150: 阅读 - S3G5E40EN7VT3HDCZ

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the assertion made in the passage concerning what a modern reader cannot know? A. Some modern readers are thoroughly familiar with the classics of ancient Roman literature because they majored in classics in college or obtained doctoral degrees in classics. B. Some modern readers have learned which particular works of Roman literature were taught to students in the sixteenth century. C. Modern readers can, with some effort, discover that sixteenth-century teachers selected some seemingly dangerous classical texts while excluding other seemingly innocuous texts. D. Copies of many of the classical texts used by sixteenth-century teachers, including marginal notes describing the oral lessons that were based on the texts, can be found in museums today. E. Many of the writings of the best sixteenth-century Renaissance scholars have been translated from Latin and are available to modern readers.