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ConversationPrerequisites For A Film Theory Course: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a professor. Jill: Hi, I was wondering if I could talk with you about the assignment in the film theory class. Professor: Of course, Jill. Jill: It seems that pretty much everyone else in the class gets what they are supposed to be doing but I'm not so sure. Professor: Well, the class is for students who are really serious about film. You must have taken film courses before. Jill: Yeah, in high school, film appreciation. Professor: Hmmm ... I wouldn't think that would be enough. Did you concentrate mainly on form or content? Jill: Oh, definitely content. We'd watch, say Lord of the Flies, and then discuss it. Professor: Oh, that approach, treating film as literature, ignoring what makes it unique. Jill: I liked it, though. Professor: Sure, but that kind of class. Well, I'm not surprised that you are feeling a little lost. You know, we have two introductory courses that are supposed to be taken before you get to my course, one in film art, techniques, technical stuff and another in film history. So students in the class you are in should be pretty far along in film studies. In fact, usually the system blocks anyone trying to sign up for a class they shouldn't be taking, who hasn't taken the courses you are required to do first as prerequisites. Jill: Well, I did have a problem with that but I discussed it with one of your office staff, and she gave me permission. Professor: Of course. No matter how many times I tell them, they just keep on ... Well, for your own good, I'd really suggest dropping back and starting at the usual place. Jill: Yes. But I've already been in this class for 4 weeks. I'd hate to just drop it now especially since I find it so different, so interesting. Professor: I guess so. Frankly I can't believe you've lasted this long. These are pretty in-depth theories we've been discussing and you've been doing OK so far, I guess. But still, the program's been designed to progress through certain stages. Like any other professional training we build on pervious knowledge. Jill: Then maybe you could recommend some extra reading I can do to ... catch up? Professor: Well, are you intending to study film as your main concentration? Jill: No, no. I am just interested. I'm actually in marketing, but there seems to be a connection. Professor: Oh ... well, in ... in that case, if you're taking the course just out of interest, I mean I still highly recommend signing up for the introductory courses at some point, but in the meantime, there is no harm I guess in trying to keep up with this class. The interest is clearly there. Eh, instead of any extra reading just now though, you could view some of the old introductory lectures. We have them on video. That would give you a better handle on the subject. It's still a pretty tall order, and we will be moving right along, so you will really need to stay on top of it. Jill: OK, I've been warned. Now, could I tell you about my idea for the assignment?