GRE Reading Comprehension: Maggoosh-GRE阅读Maggoosh - R2220YTVRU2RI1E5M

The argument above depends on which of the following assumptions? A. Hikers who hike between trails tend to hike along a similar route, thereby making erosion more likely in certain areas along the trail. B. Hikers who hike during the week are not as likely to walk on the land between the switchbacks. C. Erosion in the state park can be caused by other factors such as significant rainfall. D. The yellow tape at higher altitudes along the trail, where weather is more severe, will fall apart at the same rate as the yellow tape located at lower altitudes. E. Those parts along the trail that do not qualify as being highly eroded will not in the next five years become more eroded than those parts along the trail that are currently the most eroded.