GRE Text Completion: Maggoosh-GRE填空Maggoosh - Q55FXB75K5P1WFGJY

There are two skeins to Darwin's thought that are, at first blush, (i)____________: Darwin believed that a gradual change in the environment brought about commensurately gradual changes to organisms (descent by modification), and therefore that man was no different from any other species; yet, though he opposed the catastrophist school of thought, which posited that animals changed in the face of massive calamity – either perishing or adapting – Darwin also (ii)____________ humankind in the sudden disappearance of animals, thereby implying that man indeed was (iii)____________ all other species (he caused the extinction of other species) and such extinctions were the result of a massive calamity – man. A. counterintuitive B. implicated C. beholden to D. aligned E. absolved F. opposed to G. irreconcilable H. supported I. unique amongst