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ConversationWhich groups I could play with?Author: QQ-464094252: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and the professor. Jill: Hi, Professor Thomas? Professor: Ah Hello Jill, Oh what can I do for you? Is everything okay? Jill: Well, yeah yeah, everything is fine. The thing is, the reason I wanted to see you is, um, you're the head of the university's music department aren't you? Professor: Yes ... Jill: Aa and you specialize in Jazz, right? Professor: Well, I teach courses in Classical Performance and as you know, one in Music Theory, but yes, Jazz piano is my, um, my fort. Jill: Okay, yeah that's what I thought. See the thing is, I play piano too, and in High School I was in all sorts of Jazz groups, like extracurricular stuff. Professor: Uh-huh, very good, very nice. Jill: And, well, actually for a while, I was considering applying through, I mean, I really wanted to go to a conservatory and just study music. Professor: Oh? and what made you change your mind? Jill: Well I thought it would be a good idea to, like, to keep my academic options open you know. And my high school grades in the sciences were, pretty good, biology in particular. So I came here instead, for well, a more academic education. Professor: Uh-huh. Probably a wise decision. Jill: Right. Well, I figured it made more sense for my future. My career and all. But the thing is, I really MISS having music in my life. That's why I signed up for your Music Theory class. And I HAVE been enjoying it and all, but, well, analyzing music's just not the same as playing it. Professor: True. Jill: Yeah, so, I was wondering, since you're the Head of the Department, I was wondering if you could – recommend like, groups I could play with? You know in my spare time. Professor: Well, of course, um, lemme see. There – There are several performance groups here at the University. There's MY jazz band of course, the one I direct and and play in. And we're- we're actually holding auditions for new players next week. But – Jill: Oh Really!? Wow. Wouldn't that be something. Professor: Uh, yes but, well, we're actually not in need of anyone else on piano right now? Which is, what you said YOUR instrument was right? So uh – Jill: Oh.. right. Professor: But, but don't worry! We'll find you something. See, there're also quite a few student run bands. And, as department head, I – I'm pretty much familiar with all of them! Jill: Yeah? Professor: Sure! Oh, and if you go online, to the department website, there's also a link to a student running webpage about musical groups here on campus. It often has notices about local bands needing new players. Jill: Hey that's good to know about! Professor: So I suggest you check out that web page regularly. They update it every other Wednesday I believe. Um, beyond that, I can assure you that I'll keep my ears open for a jazz band in need of a piano player. Who knows, maybe I'll hear about one by the end of the month! Jill: That's great professor. Thank you so much.