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By the eighteenth century, newspapers had become established as a means of spreading news of European affairs within European society. A. Governments tried to control what news got published by sponsoring official newspapers,taxing publishers, requiring newspapers to be licensed, and instituting press-censorship laws. B. England was the most Important market for news, but disruptions caused by conflict over how the government should control the press resulted in many British newspapers being driven out of business. C. Censorship laws were established and enforced differently across Europe because of differences in the political systems of the various countries. D. Europe's expanding commercial and political interests led to increased demand for news and also to improved systems for distributing newspapers. E. Although eighteenth-century newspapers were modest by modern standards, they made current events accessible to the reading public and facilitated the rapid exchange of news and opinions. F. Newspapers' regular presentation of strange and threatening news from around the world had the effect of making their readers feel more closely connected to their own local communities.