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ConversationWork-study program: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and the university work-study coordinator. Student: Hello, are you Mr. Terry? I'm Allison. Coordinator: Yes, I am. What brings you here? Student: I just stopped by the financial aid office to square my tuition away. And ... ah ... I was told that I should participate in the work-study program offered by the university to meet one of my financial aid requirements. And I believe that you, Mr. Terry, are who I should talk to about ... . Um ... a part time job for this semester. Coordinator: Oh, alright. Let's see ... you are ... . Allison ... Pearson? Student: Right! Coordinator: Well, I know we made our schedule today but we're supposed to meet at three. I'm sure that's what my calendar says. Why did you come so early? Student: I'm so sorry about that, but I've got a problem with my housing situation. I couldn't help it. I mean, they assigned three people to my dorm room which is only for two. And the housing advisor is available only at three o'clock to straighten it out. So, could you possibly accommodate me? I'm in trouble. Coordinator: Alright, however, I won't have much time because I do have a workshop in fifteen minutes. So we'd better go through this very quickly. Student: Oh, thank you! I'm sure it won't take too much. Coordinator: Good! Well, in general, the school offers a wide range of job options in many different departments. The majority of these work positions are service jobs on-campus, but there are a few places that are off-campus too. Student: Okay. Coordinator: The number of jobs is limited although we guarantee every student a slot. The early birds, who meet with me first, always get the widest selection they can choose from. Currently, there are only twenty-five jobs remaining. Student: Oh! Did people apply last year? I mean, How did these positions fill out so fast? Coordinator: No, but it is just first come first served basis each term. It's a shame that you didn't come and see me last week. Anyway, urn ... . here's the list of available positions. Consider which particular job is best suited to your interest and skill set. Anything look appealing to you? Student: Urn ... . Yeah! The campus bookstore job looks interesting. And ah ... the lab opening looks appealing too. Actually, I like both. Coordinator: In the campus bookstore, for example, you'd probably stock shelves, and arrange the display areas, the sort of work that is relatively routine and predictable. On the other hand, the computer lab assistant position requires a lot of computer knowhow, not only can it be quite demanding and stressful, they usually work with other students who have a research deadline. In a pressure-filled situation, you know, sometimes people can get tense when their computers begin acting up. Student: Well, I thrive under pressure. I mean, I was a peercounselor during my high school years. And also, um ... this is the most important thing, I guess ... I know most computer software programs inside and out. So, I'd be comfortable handling tech questions or issues. Coordinator: It sounds like a perfect match. Urn ... here's the phone number. The next thing you have to do is set up an interview with the computer lab supervisor. Best of luck to you, Allison.