main idea. A. Recent evidence that in Africa the transition from the Middle Paleolithic to the Upper Paleolithic was also marked by enormous progress strengthens the European evidence. B. The idea that events in Europe around 40 kya mark an advance in basic human capabilities has been discredited by African and Australian evidence that points to a much earlier date. C. Evidence suggests that the striking set of human accomplishments that emerged in Europe around 40 kya was built on earlier development in Africa. D. Europe was the center of the Upper Paleolithic Revolution not so much because individual innovations originated there, but because these innovations were creatively fitted together there. E. The people who settled Australia were, without a doubt, modern humans whose origins were in Africa, but whether they reached Australia before 60 kya has not been definitively established. F. It is still unclear why the entire package of modern human behaviors seems to show up in the European archaeological record so suddenly, although various answers have been proposed.