GRE Text Completion: Maggoosh-GRE填空Maggoosh - K3JNF7XX5TT77P81Y

What tradition has long known, science must labor through its usual rigorous protocols to arrive at the very same assessment. Concerning learning in infants, recent findings (i)____________ this trend: the timeworn yarn that babies are (ii)____________ – and oftentimes disregarding – stimuli from their surroundings has been turned on its head; although (iii)____________ exhibiting a mastery of their respective worlds, infants are constantly conducting experiments – very much like scientists themselves – testing their limits vis-a-vis an environment at once enchanting and frustrating. A. buck B. passively receiving C. far from D. uphold E. subtly parsing F. known for G. underscore H. actively misinterpreting I. potentially