GRE Reading Comprehension: JiJing 352-GRE阅读机经352篇 - JYSB02DHX7A75SQBJ

Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the information? A. The apparent degree of relatedness of some species, as determined by anatomical criteria, is not borne out by their degree of genetic similarity. B. When they know the differences between two species' genetic codes, taxonomists can infer what the observable anatomical differences between those species must be. C. The degree to which individuals of the same species are anatomically similar is determined more by their genetic codes than by such environmental factors as food supply. D. The traditional anatomical methods by which taxonomists investigated the relatedness of species are incapable of any further refinement. E. Without the use of genetic methods, taxonomists would never be able to obtain any accurate information about species' degrees of relatedness to one another.