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ConversationReliable energy sources: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and his engineering professor. Student: You wanted to see me Professor White? Professor: Yes, Paul, thanks for coming in. Um, I was looking over the bibliography for your paper and I'm afraid that some of your sources aren't very reliable. Student: Really? Which ones? Professor: Well, one of your sources is Don Anderson's guide to renewable energy sources. Have you noticed that this guide appears on a website that sells solar panels? You can't rely on websites that have something to gain by providing information that favors their product. There are other more academic and maybe more reliable websites dealing with types of alternative energy technologies. For example, those associated with universities and scientific institutes. I know it's not always easy to figure out which websites have trustworthy content, but- Student: Hmm, yeah. I see what you mean.. I'll go over my bibliography again and take out the sources that I have that are like that. Since I'm here, can I ask you a question about one of the technologies that I'm writing about? Professor: Sure! Student: So, tidal turbines.. My impression is that they're basically like wind turbines, though obviously, instead of being wind-powered, water currents spin the blades of the turbines to generate electricity, right? Professor: Well, there are several kinds of tidal turbines. The simplest kind is called a horizontal access turbine, and yes, with those, the concept behind how they work is similar to how wind turbines work. Student: And is it true that they are less damaging to the environment than other tidal turbines? I was wondering about that. Couldn't it be more dangerous to fish and marine mammals? Professor: Uh, these technologies are new, and they aren't yet widely used.. so, it will take a while before we understand their full environmental impact. Student: Okay, actually I'm really interested in that aspect, the environmental impact of renewable energy technologies. Professor: And that's an interesting choice.. A lot of people think of renewable energy sources as automatically good for the environment, but technically speaking, any sort of development is going to have a footprint to it. Student: Well, I think the stuff with tides and water currents is particularly interesting. Professor: If that's the case, you could do a more in depth paper, one that focuses on what we do know. There are some tidal turbines in operation near the coast of Norway, and one in operation near New York City. Look for some information on the Norwegian tidal turbines and how those have affected marine life. Student: That's a great idea. Thanks!