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ConversationParking Trouble: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee in the office-campus transportation and parking. Employee: Good morning. How can I help you? Oh, wait, let me guess. You're a prospective student and you're here for the visitation day. Let me give you a visitors parking path. Student: Oh, I'm already a student. Employee: Oh sorry. With this visitation day today, we've had perspective students in here all morning long. Student: What I wanted to ask, I received a parking ticket earlier this week. I was parked along the curb outside of Jefferson Hall when I got it underneath the streetlight. Employee: That curb seems to be a problem spot for a lot of students. We're given quite a few tickets for cars parked there recently. Didn't you see the no parking sign? Student: Yeah. The people have been parking along that curb lately. I figured it was okay to park there, I mean there's no spaces nearby. Employee: No, you always have to park in the designated parking lot. Student: Yeah. But the thing is they aren't enough parking spaces in the designated lot behind Jefferson Hall. That's really crowded. Employee: I know. It's been that way ever since that are exhibit opened in the building next to Jefferson Hall. Unfortunately people who visit the exhibit are using that parking lot too, but you've got to understand that for traffic low reasons we can't have people parking on the other side of campus roads. Student: And I have a class in Jefferson Hall through this week. Um ... I can't get down time now I just keep traveling around and around a lot. We can just start to open up. Employee: You could get an earlier start and go to class on foot. Student: That be quite a hike for me. This campus is spread out. Employee: Or you could use our shuttle bus which stops at all the residence halls. That's what it's for. It goes right to Jefferson Hall and It's free. Student: Do I need tickets or ... Employee: No, no. Just show your school ID. Employee: But I paid for this packing pass. Employee: Right, right. Um, well, let's see. If you can get by on the shuttle, it's just about the middle of spring term, now, we could refund you half of what you paid for your pass for your returning. Student: Oh, very fine. Um, I've never taken a shuttle before. How often does it run? Employee: On weekdays? Every twenty minutes between seven in the morning and ten at night. Student: And I can get back half and I wouldn't have to park, wait ... Would I still be able to keep my car on a lot at my residence hall? I need it because a lot of times I drive home on Friday after my last class and come back on Sunday. Employee: NO. Unfortunately a university parking pass is just ... is just one pass for everything, dorm parking, gym parking, the whole campus. So once you've turned it in ... Student: Oh, that won't work then. I have to keep backing path. Employee: I don't know how long the exhibit is supposed to run. Maybe you'll get lucky and little closer. Student: I guess it can't last forever. I suppose I could take the shuttle until then.