GRE Reading Comprehension: Maggoosh-GRE阅读Maggoosh - HD22OWSIVVJP7K12M

Which of the following, if true, casts the most doubt on the art historian's conclusion? A. The computer analysis involved is more likely to mistake an actual work as a forgery than to mistake a forgery as an actual work. B. Many of the Flemish artist's well-known portraits are in the collection of private owners and were therefore not subjected to computer analysis. C. Some of the works upon which the Flemish artist's standing rests were identified by the computer analysis to be the work of de Hory. D. Some museums, worrying that their most prized painting from the Flemish artist would be deemed forgeries, and thus lose value, only offered up the artist's lesser known works for computer analysis. E. Though few in the art world dispute the outcome of the computer analysis of the Flemish artist's work, many contend that the identified forgeries are not the work of Elmyr de Hory but some other highly skilled forger.