GRE Reading Comprehension: Maggoosh-GRE阅读Maggoosh - GR53QB85HSJ8I43AM

Which of the following, if true, most helps to provide a justification for the manufacturer's and the industry analysts' optimistic expectations? A. Land previously owned by small, independent farmers has been bought up and consolidated into large industrial farms, which have a much greater need of large farm equipment. B. The manufacturer's new factory will be on or close to five different railroad lines, and is expected to have a beneficial impact on the struggling rail transport industry in the state. C. The percentage of food imported into the state, from other states and from other countries, has increased significantly over the past 20 years. D. The number of models of large farm machinery this manufacturer will offer is larger than the number of models offered by most other comparable manufacturers of large farm machinery. E. Some crops grown in this state, like corn, enjoy substantial government subsidies and find a robust market in the food processing industries.