ConversationReserve A Rehearsal Space On Campus: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a facility manager at the university. Melanie: Hi, I'm Melanie, the one who's been calling? Manager: From the Singing Group, right? Melanie: From the Choir. Manager: Right! the Choir. It's nice to finally meet you in person. So, you're having problem with ...? Melanie: Noise. Like I explained on the phone, we've always had our rehearsals in the Lincoln Auditorium every day at 3 o'clock, and it's always worked just great. But the past few weeks, with the noise, it's been a total nightmare, since construction started next door on the Science Hall. Manager: Oh, that's right! They're building that addition for new laboratory. Melanie: Exactly! Anyway, ever since they started working on it, it's been so noisy that we can barely hear ourselves sing. Manager: Let alone singing! Melanie: Forget about singing! I mean we keep the windows down and everything, but once those bulldozers get going, I mean those machines are loud. We've already had to cut short two rehearsals and we've got a concert in six weeks. Manager: Well, that's not good. I'm assuming you've tried to reschedule your rehearsals. They don't do construction work at night. Melanie: I ran that by the group, but there were just too many ... I mean, evenings are really hard. It seems like everyone in the Choir already has plans, and some even has classes at night. Manager: And what about the music building? Melanie: You know, originally we were booked in one of the rehearsal rooms in the music building, but then we switched with the jazz ensemble. They are a much smaller group and they said the acoustics, the sound in that room, was better for them. So having us move to a bigger space, like the Lincoln Auditorium, seems like a reasonable idea. Manager: But, now? Melanie: All that noise! I don't know. I just wonder if the jazz ensemble knew what was going to happen. Manager: Well, that wouldn't be very nice. Melanie: No, but it really was quite a coincidence. Anyway, now the music building's fully booked, mornings, afternoons, everything. We just need a quiet space, and it has to have a piano. Manager: A piano! Of course, uh, some of the other auditoriums have pianos but that's not going to be easy. Melanie: You think they're pretty booked up? Manager: Probably. But it can't hurt to check. What about Bradford Hall? I remember a piano in the old Student Center there. Melanie: At this point, we'd be grateful for any quiet place. Manager: Can you ... How flexible can you be on times? You said no evenings, but what if I can't find something open at 3 o'clock? Can you move earlier or later? Melanie: I wish I could say another time would be okay, but, you know how it is – everybody's already got commitments for the whole semester. 2:30 or 3:30 would probably be okay, but I don't think we could go much outside that. Manager: Well, check with me tomorrow morning. I should've found something by then. It might not be ideal. Melanie: As long as it's got a piano and nobody's putting up a building next door, we'll be happy.