ConversationInterview Preparing: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a career service employee. Employee: Can I help you? Student: Yeah, I recently attended a workshop here and writing an effective resume, and it definitely helped me. Now I'm scheduled an interview for local companies because my resume was really good, at least that's what they said. Employee: Congratulation. You huh. And what kind of work is to do? Student: Uh, elementary level positions in marketing and a marketing team. But, well, I just don't feel prepared to answer questions about my skills and experience, this stuff. So I wanted to register for your other work sets. Employee: The one on effective is your technique? Yeah, that sounds like that's some to think you. Student: It's really like the other one. Right? Employee: Yeah, all our hotstar. Ah. Ok, which session you think here? Student: Well, my first interview set up for the beginning of next month, so the one at the end of this month would be perfect. Employee: Looks like that one is full. Student: Full up? Employee: Yeah. There's a maximum of 15 students' acception. Student: Well, there's another one before it. Right? Employee: Yeah. That is full up too. Student: Ah, well, I guess it has to be after my first interview then. Employee: I guess so. If you come by Ms. Jones, the director of the career services salon, and he is really popular. Look, there's a long waiting list too. Do I put you down? Student: Yeah, but can I also get on a waiting list, there's something to the ones that are coming up this month? Employee: Of course. But that's sorry now. There are already a few people ahead of you in this list. So no chance get in. Student: Okay. Employee: But see, on our website there's a typical article. It is called Inside interview. Student: Inside interview? Employee: Yes, it has suggestions like researching your audience and using that model to be decicive and interactive, it at least give you a good start. Student: Hi, I can use all the resources I can get my hands on. Employee: Have not looked adjoining room, the career services advisor? Student: No. What? Employee: Premier the Personal Development. Student: Oh, good. Can I find the books out? Employee: He is just browsing, but you can read Joe Rogan. You might start with a book called Strategic Interviews. The author interviewed over 3,000 people during his career of human resource and had a big corporation in Sydney. Student: Wow! Employee: I should take notes. I have a class in a few minutes, but I can come back. Till to five, Right? Employee: Aha, until five. Student: Ok, I'll be back in a couple of hours.