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ConversationSuspension Of Borrowing Privileges: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a librarian employee. Student: Excuse me. Can you help me with something? Librarian: I'll do my best. What do you need? Student: Well, I received a letter in my mailbox saying that I'm supposed to return a book that I checked out back in January, it's called Modern Social Problems. But because I'm writing my senior thesis, I'm supposed to be able to keep the book all semester. Librarian: So you signed up for extended borrowing privileges? Student: Yeah. Student: But we are still asking you to bring the book back? Student: Uh-huh. Librarian: Well, let me take a look and see what the computer says. The title was Modern Social Problems? Student: Yeah. Librarian: OK. Um ... Oh, I see, it's been recalled. You can keep it all semester as long as no one else requests it. But, someone else has. It looks like one of the professors in the sociology department has requested it. So you have to bring it back, even though you've got extended borrowing privileges. You can check out the book again when it's returned in a couple of weeks. Student: But I really need this book right now. Librarian: Do you need all of it or is there a certain section or chapter you're working with? Student: I guess there is one particular chapter I've been using lately for a section of my thesis. Why? Librarian: Well, you can photocopy up to one chapter of the book. Why don't you do that for the chapter you're working on right now? And by the time you need the rest of the book, maybe it will have been returned. We can even do the photocopying for you because of the circumstances. Student: Oh, well, that would be great. Librarian: I see you've got some books there. Is that the one you were asked to return? Student: No, I left it in my dorm room. These are books I need to check out today. Is it Ok if I bring that one by in a couple of days? Librarian: Actually, you need to return it today. That is if you want to check out those books today. That's our policy. Student: Oh, I didn't know that. Librarian: Yeah, not a lot of people realize that. In fact, every semester we get a few students who have their borrowing privileges suspended completely because they haven't returned books. They're allowed to use books only in the library. They're not allowed to check anything out because of unreturned books. Student: That's not good. I guess I should head back down to the dorm right now then. Librarian: But, before you go, what you should do is fill out a form requesting the book back in two weeks. You don't want to waste any time getting it back. Student: Thanks a lot. Now I don't feel quite so bad about having to return the book.