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Some plants depend on the wind to carry their pollen. A. Because there are few trees in temperate forests, it is safer to transport pollen by insects or birds. B. Wind pollination is a safe reproductive strategy for trees in temperate forests where there are only a few dominant species and, therefore, many individuals of the same species. C. Wind pollination requires production of a large amount of pollen, which must be released at the right time and under the right conditions to extend its range. D. Most wind-pollinated trees are deciduous because evergreen needles compete with the stigma for pollen, making wind pollination uncertain. E. Wind-pollinated plants usually have small petalless flowers which often grow in catkins that produce a very fine-grained pollen. F. Wind-pollinated trees must grow in regions that are only moderately windy because strong winds will blow the tiny pollen grains past the stigma..