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ConversationGym Pass: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a university employee. Student: Hi, I need to pick up the gym pass. Employee: OK. I'll need your name, year, and university ID. Student: Here's my ID card. And my name is Gina Kent, and I'm first year. Employee: OK. Gina. I'll type up the pass for you right away. Student: Great! This is exciting. I can't wait to get started. Employee: Oh, this is a wonderful gym. Student: That's what everybody has been saying. Everyone is talking about the new pool, the new indoor course. But what I love is all the classes. Employee: The classes ...? Student: Yes, like the swimming and tennis classes and everything. Employee: Oh yeah, but this pass doesn't entitle you to those. Student: It doesn't? Employee: No, the classes fall into a separate category. Student: But, that's my whole reason for getting a pass. I mean, I was planning to take a swimming class. Employee: But that's not how it works. This pass gives you access to the gym and to all the equipment, into the pool and so forth, but not with team practicing. So you have to check the schedule. Student: But what do I have to do if I want to take a class? Employee: You have to: one, register; and two, pay the fee for the class. Student: But that's not fair. Employee: Well, I think if you can think about it. You'll see that it's fair. Student: But people who play sports in the gym ... They don't have to pay anything. Employee: Yes, but they just come in, and play or swim on their own. But, taking a class – that is a different story. I mean, someone has to pay the instructors. Student: So, if I want to enroll in a class ... Employee: Then you have to pay extra. The fee isn't very high, but there's a fee. So, what class did you say you want to take? Student: Swimming. Employee: OK. Swimming classes are thirty dollars a semester. Student: I guess I could swing that. But I'm still not convinced it's fair. So, do I pay you? Employee: Well, first, you need to talk to the instructor. They have to assess your level and steer you into the right class, you know, beginner, intermediate ... Student: You mean, I have to swim for them? Show them what I can do? Employee: No, no, you just tell them a little bit about your experiences and skills, so they know what level you should be in. Student: Oh, OK. So, I guess I'll need an appointment. Employee: And I can make that for you right now. And I'll tell you about your gym ID card. You'll need it to get into the building. Now about that appointment ... How does Wednesday at three sound? Student: Fine. Employee: OK. Then you'll be meeting with Mark Guess. He's a swimming instructor. He also coaches the swim team. And here, I've jotted it all down for you. Student: Great! Thanks.