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ConversationRevise the Campus Guidebook: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an editor in the department of university publications. Student: Hi, Mr. Miller. I'm Jennifer Johnson. Editor: Ah, yes, Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by. I got two emails and the photos attached came through ok. Student: Great. Did you like them? Editor: Yeah, they're very tallest and shots from eye-catching angles. You're obviously very comfortable behind the lens. But, you know, when I first looked at them, the library has a new entry right now, the engineering lab is twice as big. When did you take these? Student: About 2 years ago, for a class on architectural photography. For the final program I shot photos of some campus buildings. We have such gorgeous architecture here. Editor: Ok, now I see. Yeah, there have been so much new constructions and re-constructions here in the last couple of years, buildings expansion and so on. Student: Right. This place has changed a lot. Editor: You see. We need our guidebook to reflect the way the campus looks NOW, that's one reason why we're doing this revision. We want to make sure the photos of each campus building, at least one interior and one exterior shot, in addition to the campus shots of students studying or participating projects of the labs and nice area shots of the university. Student: Sounds great. Editor: You know, we almost hire a professional to take the architectural shots, a photographer we used in the past. But this time, I thought it'd be nice to provide the opportunity to photography students. You're majoring in photography right? Student: Yeah. And after graduation, I want to shoot pictures for a big architectural firm or an architectural magazine maybe. So when professor Howard told us that you're looking for pictures of the campus, it seems like a chance to pepare my portfolio, you know. Editor: It's definitely good to get to work in an official university publication. Employers are impressed by full color, high-profile stuff. Student: The guidebook's high-profile? Editor: Sure is. It's used online by thousands of prospective students and their parents and we've been stuffed printed version to college fairs. For many high school students, it's their first in-depth look at our campus. Student: Cool. So I'll reshoot those two buildings, the lab and the library. And do you want to photography anything else? Editor: We're going to replace all the architectural shots, so really anything that excites a fancy. But the missing deadline is 5 o'clock tomorrow. You can email me if you want. Student: Tomorrow? I have classes all day. Editor: Hmm, I understand. I guess there're some really great shots, I can be a little flexible. Just try to get them as soon as you can, OK? Certainly for the end of the next week.