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ConversationSet up the shots: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a meteor studies professor. Professor: So, I just want to meet with you to see how you're progressing in class and on your class project. Student: Well, actually I have got an idea for a topic that I wanted to talk to you about. Professor: Great! Tell me about it! Student: Well, last spring I took a two week course offered by one of the environmental science professors. We went to Alaska and we got to observe the research he's doing there on Arctic birds. Professor: With Professor Larson? Student: Right, and I did a lot of filming there and I thought I could use some of that for my short documentary film, the one I'll make for class. Anyway, they are looking at how changes in the climate are affecting the birds there. Professor: Sounds promising. What are they looking for specifically? Student: Well, these birds, some migrate like all the way from Southeast Asia every year to breed. Anyway, with climate change, I guess spring is coming earlier. So they want to know how different bird species will respond to that. And the Arctic weather has always been pretty inconsistent so they're looking at how stressed different kinds of birds get because of the variability, to see if they can figure out which ones will adapt well and which ones won't. Professor: Well, it's interesting research. You sound excited about it. That's great and I guess you'd have a lot of material to work with so it will be important to find a focus, both with the topic and with the structure of the film. Student: Oh, yeah. We talked about the different structures in class, right? I thought I'd use the linear one. You know, show where they started and their progress, and where they went. Professor: Right, or at least during your time there. Remember, the film is only five minutes and this kind of research can stretch over years. Student: Oh, yeah. Well, from my time there. Professor: So, as we discussed in class, this format works best when you have a central character, one person whose story you follow throughout the film. Were you thinking of working with Professor Larson? Student: Yeah, I already talked to her and she said she's interested. If you approve the topic, I want to start filming some interviews with her right away. Professor: Great. Well, look over the notes from class on how to conduct an interview. Remember that it's good to bring your camera for a test interview beforehand to let her get used to it before the real interview. Student: Right, and also to see how I'll position the camera, what the lighting is like in the room, you know, set up the shots.