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Moa were large, flightless birds of New Zealand that became extinct several centuries ago. A. Because New Zealand had no large mammals, moa had no mammalian predators and occupied the ecological niches that elsewhere were occupied by large mammalian herbivores. B. Initially, moa had a high reproductive rate, but over time it significantly declined, largely due to changes in New Zealand's climatic pattern. C. DNA analysis of moa remains revealed that the extinction of moa species occurred less than three centuries ago. D. The extinction of moa was primarily caused by the hunting and deforestation activities of the Maori, who arrived in New Zealand about one thousand years ago. E. Scientists claim that forest burning is the factor most responsible for the disappearance of moa. F. The Maori introduced dogs, rats, and perhaps disease organisms, which may have contributed to the extinction of moa, but evidence is not available.