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ConversationAnthropology Office Assistant: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a professor. Professor: Hello, there, how are you then? Student: Good, thanks. Professor: That's good here. Do you have any travel plans for the summer? Student: No, not really. I actually plan on staying around here. This is my home town, you know. Professor: Yeah, I know. You don't have a lot of students from around here. Student: Well, the anthropology department is just so creative[?], the professors, the courses, all the opportunities for fieldwork, couldn't ask for more. Even though I'm still here in the town I grew up in. I think I made the right choice when I decided to stay here. Professor: I would have done the same thing. So what can I help you? Student: Actually, I wanted to ask you if I could use you as a reference for a job. Professor: Sure, you already know. Have you applied for one yet? Student: No, but actually I'm thinking about offering my services as a house sitter, again, looking after people's plants and pet, keeping an eye on their homes while they're away for the summer. Professor: All right. Like you did for me last summer when I was at that excavation site in Mexico. Student: And it's not very exciting, but I could use the money. Professor: Well, I'd be happy to recommend you for a job, but wait a minute. Let me give you one better. How about ... how you like to work in the anthropology department this summer? Student: Work in the anthropology department? Professor: Yeah, for me. Would you consider working as my assistant? I'll be sticking around this summer to working on my book and I'm on the lookout for an assistant. Student: Had it be awesome and I could still take a house sitting job. What would I begin? Professor: Some research in the library, some fact checking. You're already familiar with the topic because it ties into the research you did for me last spring. I think you'll find the work interesting. It pays pretty deeply. In fact, the grant for the project includes money to pay for an assistant. Student: Sounds perfect. Professor: Great. Um, I have to rush off to class, but why don't you stop and see the department secretary? She can set you up with an appointment for next week. We can iron out the details then. Student: Sure. Well, I'm really glad I decided to stop by to see you today.