GRE Text Completion: Maggoosh-GRE填空Maggoosh - 949V042O1VG7P558Y

Very few veteran critics tend to be (i)____________ the recent decade in cinema. Nonetheless, based on movie reviews many could easily come to the conclusion that the last ten years were indeed banner ones. Once the province of lettered intellectuals, a few even household names (Pauline Kael comes to mind), the role of the movie critic has been (ii)____________ by those lacking any notable credentials. With this flood of veritable tyros opining from the rafters, a movie's overall rating – as compiled and tabulated by popular Internet sites – often times confers (iii)____________ on a film, an assessment that posterity will most likely deem specious. A. enamored of B. duly appropriated C. an aura of nostalgia D. condemnatory to E. amply filled F. a mantle of inviolability G. unsympathetic H. irredeemably disgraced I. an patina of respectability