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There has been a controversy among researchers about the sequence of events in an emotional experience. A. Cognitive appraisal probably does not play a large role in an emotional experience, evidenced by the very brief span of time between an event and an emotional reaction. B. Two early theory of emotion both assert that that different emotions result from distinct changes in the body that correspond to particular emotions. C. There is a disagreement among researchers who emphasize the cognitive aspect of an emotion about whether cognitive interpretation comes before or after physiological arousal. D. Theories in disagreement with each other about the sequence of events in emotional experience concentrate on the extent to which cognition and interpretation are involved in an emotional experience. E. Some theories claim that physiological arousal comes either before or at the same time as the feeling of an emotion, and contradict the subjective experience of emotion. F. The Lazarus theory emphasized that an emotion comes from a positive or negative appraisal of a physiological arousal.