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ConversationSubmitting Graduation Form: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and a registrar. Student: Hi, I'd like to drop off my graduation form. I understand you need this in order to process my diploma. Professor: Ok, I'll take that. Uh, before you leave, let me check our computer. Ur, looks like you are OK for graduation, and actually, I am getting a warning flag on your academic record here. Student: Really? Professor: Yeah. Let's see what's what. OK. Are you familiar with our graduation requirements? Student: Uh, I think so. Professor: Well, then you know you need 48 credits in your major field to graduate and at least 24 credits at the intermediate level or higher. Also, after your second year, you have to meet with your department chair to outline a plan for the rest of your time here. In the past, we also issue letters before students' final year began to let them know what they needed to take in the final year to be OK, but we don't do that anymore. Student: I definitely met with my chairperson 2 years ago. He told me that I needed 8 more courses at the intermediate level or higher in the last 2 years to be OK. So I am not sure what the problem is. I make sure I got those credits. Professor: Unfortunately, the computer is usually pretty reliable. So I am not sure what's going on here. Student: It could be that I have taken 2 basic courses but coupled both of them with, uh, field experiences. Professor: What do you mean? Student: Well, I could only take intro courses because there were no intermediate level courses available for those particular topics. My chair person told me that if I did independent field research in addition to the assigned work in each course, they would count as intermediate level courses. My classmates, um, some of my classmates, did this for an easy way to meet their intermediate course requirement, but I did it to get the kind of depth in those topics I was going for. As it turned out I really enjoyed the field work. It was a nice supplement to just sitting and listening to lectures. Professor: I am sure that's true, but the computer is still showing them as basic level courses despite the field work. Student: I am not sure what to do then. I mean, should I cancel my graduation party? Professor: No, no reason to get worried like that. Just contact your chair person immediately, ok? Tell him to call me as soon as possible so that we can verify your field work arrangement and certify those credits right away. It's not like there is an actual deadline to date or anything. But if more than a few weeks go by, we might have a real problem that would very difficult to fix in time for you to graduate. In fact, there probably would be nothing we could do. Student: I will get on that.