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ConversationStudy-abroad: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee at the study-abroad office. Employee: Hi, what can I do for you? Student: Yeah, I have a question about my passport. I, d like to know if' I should have it renewed before I go abroad ... cause ... um ... it' s going to expire before I come home. Employee: Oh, yes you should. Are you by chance on one of our semester abroad programs? if so, you should talk to the person in charge of that program. Student: Not exactly, but I'd like to go to France, next semester. I heard you have a program there, right? Employee: Well, yes we do. But I'm afraid you've already missed the deadline for the spring semester. It was September 15. But uh ... you might not have been able to go anyway. The program is popular, and students signed up quickly. You can still apply for the fall semester. Student: Next fall? Well ... that's ... I mean, I'11 be out of school at the end of next year and IM1 be working on an independent study all year. And I ... I'm supposed to work closely with my instructor, professor Jacobs ... here at the main campus, and I ... I can't leave the country. Employee: Maybe you could go in the summer. It's a shorter time to study abroad, but you'd have the experience of living and studying in France. Student: Um ... I don't know. Are the courses the same as in the spring? Employee: Pretty much the same. What's your major? Student: French language and literature ... What's the deadline for the summer? Employee: You should have a few weeks till the deadline. But remember, it's a popular program. I'm a little surprised you missed the deadline for the spring semester. Didn't your advisor suggest that you apply for the program to improve your French language skills? I mean, it's very common for language majors to do that at some point. Student: Well, I just changed my major this semester. And before that, I wasn't planning to go abroad. Now I wanna live and study in France. And since I have to take a lot of French courses between now and graduation, well, it would also help me to fulfill the French department's requirements Employee: Have you discussed this with your advisor? He might have good advice. Student: No not really, he' s really busy and ... urn ... I, m a new student in the department. He doesn't know me very well. So, I've been feeling kind of nervous about talking to him about it. But I suppose he has to write me a recommendation letter, right? Employee: Yes, he does. And you're gonna have to talk to him sooner or later if you wanna go. You know, even though the program is popular, a good letter of recommendation can make all the difference. So talk to your advisor if you're still interested. And alt.. oh, be sure to take the brochure for the program in France and let us know if you have any more questions.