GRE Reading Comprehension: JiJing 352-GRE阅读机经352篇 - 7E4VK4KV3I5ZG5V7J

Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest support for the argument? A. The techniques used by the first European makers of porcelain were essentially identical to techniques that Chinese porcelain maker used. B. The first European-manufactured porcelain items were comparable in quality to some of the lower-quality porcelain that was then being imported into Europe from China. C. The manuscript from which the 1717 journal article was published had been written down by French missionaries in China and sent to France some years before 1717. D. The particular raw materials that are needed to make porcelain were not used in European ceramic making until the manufacture of porcelain began. E. The first porcelain factory in Europe was founded in Germany by a manufacturer who had no channels of communication with China or Europeans working in China.