GRE Text Completion: Maggoosh-GRE填空Maggoosh - 79ZKL5PW7S52L64LY

One of the main charges leveled against The Great Gatsby is that it is populated with fake, hollow characters. While this assertion carries some truth, it misses much of what Fitzgerald set out to do in the novel, and the literary aesthetic necessary to pull it off. The 1920's flappers were themselves playing a part that did not allow for much (i)____________. Even the main character, Jay Gatsby, at his seemingly most (ii)____________ inhabits a role he has artfully crafted. Perforce, Fitzgerald created many characters who were not wrestling with existential doubts but who served as (iii)____________ a time and a place. A. talkativeness B. inscrutable C. an endorsement of D. depth E. confessional F. a denial of G. taciturnity H. superficial I. a backdrop for