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main idea. A. The ability to move around in an environment gives infants an understanding of location and thus reduces the extent to which their memory is dependent on context. B. Infants become better at finding hidden objects once they have developed the type of grasp that allows them to handle and explore very small objects in their environment. C. Piaget argues that an infant's cognitive development is related to the development of fine motor skills that make it possible for infants to interact with and adapt their actions to their environment. D. Fine motor skills tend to develop later than do gross motor skills because fine motor skills require smaller, more finely tuned movements and a great deal of coordination. E. When infants first begin to grasp objects, they transfer the objects from hand to hand and firmly close their fingers against their palms. F. Reaching and grasping begin early; by about three months, reaching is more coordinated and efficient, and by one year, infants begin to develop a coordinated and finely tuned grip.