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Colin Renfrew's explanation of the rise of Aegean civilization rejected traditional views that the cause was one or another external influence on the developing society. A. The emergence of Aegean civilization was the result of internal factors interacting with each other in a way that multiplied each other's effects. B. An increase in population created a shortage of agricultural land that increased social tensions and forced many farmers to become warriors for local chieftains. C. More effective bronze weapons increased the power of local chieftains, who imposed a system in which they collected farm and craft products in exchange for protecting their subjects. D. Once people began producing bronze, it surpassed wine and olive oil as the most important good traded in the Aegean. E. Agricultural surpluses from the production of olive oil and wine and the introduction of bronze technology together supported population growth, the development of crafts, and economic expansion. F. As the economy diversified and grew, a higher level of social organization was required, a need that encouraged the emergence of chieftains who regulated the distribution of economic goods.