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The invention of photography had a significant impact on the art of painting in the nineteenth century. A. For a brief time, artists preferred not to paint natural or realistic images that would have to compete with photographs. B. Before photography, Canaletto had used the camera obscura to project scenes onto a paper or glass plate. C. The photographic processes of Louis Daguerre and William Henry Talbot both made permanent images, but only Talbot's process allowed making multiple copies. D. The work of Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey established photography both as a science and as an art. E. Photography made accurate images widely and inexpensively available, but this popular success also had the effect of lowering its perceived value in relation to the fine arts. F. Photography eliminated the painted portrait miniature, led artists to accurately represent movement, and affected pictorial composition, but did not replace traditional visual arts.