GRE Text Completion: Maggoosh-GRE填空Maggoosh - 63HE0Q297WRP_FS5Y

A school of conservationist thought that continues to gain traction in academic circles contends that despite the most noble of intentions, the U.S. National Parks and Forests Services has, in allowing for the uncurbed growth of trees within parks, contributed to the (i)____________ forest fires. While it is true that park rangers can respond to fires quickly, often such fires are far fiercer than in areas not so (ii)____________ trees and underbrush. That is not to say that all fires are deleterious: indeed forest fires play an appreciable role in the functioning of the ecosystem; they (iii)____________ the growth of trees so that any given area is less likely to become densely wooded. A. decrease in B. choked with C. check D. depletion of E. devoid of F. foster G. outbreak of H. distant from I. eradicate