Magdalenian artworks were created during the Upper Paleolithic period. A. Examples of Magdalenian art are found in all parts of Europe, and there is evidence that artists in neighboring regions were influenced by the Magdalenian system. B. Magdalenian artists created a variety of images, including geometric figures, and varied the type of rock chosen for engravings to produce different artistic effects. C. A unifying aspect of the Magdalenian system was the tendency of artists to blend multiple colors together rather than to use colors individually. D. Scholars know a fair amount about Magdalenian cave art, but the need to preserve the fragile works has prevented scholars from studying them as thoroughly as they would like. E. Magdalenian painters were able to create impressive, multicolored artworks by using minerals and plant and animal materials to make and mix colors. F. Some Magdalenian engravings and paintings are so sophisticated in design and skillfully executed that it was once doubted that prehistoric people created them.