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The long, cold winters of Inner Eurasia made the setting of the region difficult for humans. A. Although humans had fire and animal skins for warmth, they lacked the technology that would have allowed them to hunt animals over a large territory. B. Although humans had sufficient means of storage, they could not gather enough edible plants to last them through the year. C. Hunting requires social complexity, since information and goods must be exchanged among groups that are scattered across a large territory and that have different members at different times. D. Heavy snowfall and extreme temperatures made hunting impossible in Inner Eurasia for much of the year and forced humans to depend on grasses for survival. E. Humans would have needed to survive the winters by hunting, which would have required them to be expert planners and organizers. F. The absence of certain kinds of archaeological evidence of sites suggests that before 120,000 years ago, humans weren't socially sophisticated enough to survive in Inner Eurasia.