GRE Text Completion: JiJing 1373-GRE填空机经1373题 - 5F77K58UQ7TVBPYFA

How does one evaluate the effects of modern democracy on individuals? The first clarifying step must be to recognize that "democracy" itself can, in the abstract, (i)____________ us as we think of our society and our perception of democracy as citizens. The experience of living in a democracy (ii)____________ each generation. A feature of democratic is that something that benefits us in one generation may no longer be a benefit to the next. Thus experiencing democracy in the twenty-first-century is (iii)____________ the political order our ancestors cherished in 1901. A. define B. changes for C. vastly preferable to D. mislead E. improves with F. radically different from G. abet H. persists beyond I. ultimately derived from