GRE Reading Comprehension: OG/PP2-GRE阅读OG/PP2 - 5D47PRYJNS7KF4WJP

Which of the following, if true, most helps to resolve the status of the orbiting body without casting doubt on the two standard theories mentioned? A. The smaller a planet orbiting a star is, and the farther away it is from the star, the less likely it is to be discovered. B. If a planet's orbit is disturbed, the planet can be drawn by gravity toward the star it is orbiting. C. The largest of the bodies orbiting Upsilon Andromedae is the farthest away from the star, and the smallest is the nearest. D. It is likely that there are many stars, in addition to Upsilon Andromedae and the Sun, that are orbited by more than one smaller body. E. In most cases of companion stars, the smaller companion is much fainter than the larger star.