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In the last half of sixteenth century England emerged as a commercial and manufacturing power in Europe. A. It is somewhat surprising that England was able to expand its economy during the sixteenth century because its neighbors were involved in many wars during this period. B. In order to make more money England nobles acquired more land, pushed for more efficient farming methods, and introduced new land tenure conditions. C. Two England's economic strengths are its use of natural resources, and its textile manufacturing, which found increased markets at home as well in Europe and in the Americas. D. England experienced an agricultural revolution much earlier than the rest of Europe and agriculture became more efficient and market-oriented. E. Many of the changes that land owners made to land renting rules not only made their lands more profitable but also made a life for their peasants. F. Though he was a successful ambassador to the Spanish Netherlands, Thomas Gresham was unable to convince the English government to start colonies in America.