GRE Text Completion: ETS Fundamental-GRE填空ETS基础 - 50H8QVF67LY6CV7EX

The question as to what constitutes art is hardly a (i)____________ one. Today, artists exist whose main goal seems only to subvert work that no longer warrants the trite tag, "cutting-edge." Once the proverbial envelope is pushed even further, the public inevitably scratches its collective head – or furrows the collective brow – thinking that this time the "artists" have (ii)____________. That very same admixture of contempt and confusion, however, was not unknown in Michelangelo's day; only what was considered blasphemous, art-wise, in the 16th Century, would today be considered (iii)____________. A. perennial B. served their purpose C. hackneyed D. contemporary E. gone too far F. reverent G. controversial H. failed to provoke I. tame