GRE Text Completion: JiJing 1373-GRE填空机经1373题 - 501EWPEW3NN47L05A

Leo Tolstoy wrote many works of nonfiction and professed (i)____________ these explorations of ethics and religion compared with his novels and short stories. The fiction writer in him, however, was hard to (ii)____________. Handi Murdd is a short novel with the breadth and power of an epic, with vivid characterization and intense storytelling that sweep the reader away. While the reader senses the moral concerns of the tale's creator, the novel is a far cry from the (iii)____________ of Tolstoy's nonfiction. A. a preference for B. suppress C. didacticism D. an aversion to E. identify F. fluidity G. an indifference toward H. incite I. creativity