ConversationA proposal form for a tripAuthor: QQ-464094252: Narrator: Listen to a conversation between a student and the university director of student activities. Director: So Dave – a couple of months ago you um submitted a proposal form for a trip to Washington DC that the history club is sponsoring and it's open to all students on campus. Dave: Yeah and since we didn't know what kind of a response we'd get I only listed the trip as tentative on the proposal form. But now, well, like you said the response has exceeded our expectations and we're definitely going. Director: That's wonderful! Um but you'll need to submit that change to me in writing. Dave: Wait, I need to fill out the entire proposal form again? But that'll take forever! Director: No no no. It's a supplemental form for these situations. It's pretty easy to fill out. The secretary will give you one on your way out. Dave: Oh whew. A supplemental form. That's good. I'll pick that out on the way out. Now I was thinking about how it would be helpful if the history club could raise some funds for the trip since it's gonna be a bit more expensive than anticipated? And well recently I went to a dinner show you know where dinner is served while you watch a theatre performance Director: Um oh those are a lot of fun but you're not suggesting that we Dave: ... that we do a dinner show as a fundraiser? actually we wanna do a mystery dinner show as a fundraiser. you see, the audience would get to participate 'cause they'd be like trying to solve a mystery! uh like at the beginning of the show we have a scene that introduces the mystery Director: We – who? Dave: We the members of the history club! We'd be the theatre performers! The whole thing was written by members of the drama club and they're willing to let us use it to help out our cause! Director: Really! That's a great idea! Working with the drama club! This kind of collaboration can benefit both clubs! Dave: I agree! Anyway the mystery is that a valuable painting has gone missing and members of the audience would like work with the other people at their table to figure out how it happened based on the clues that we give them at the beginning of and throughout the show! Director: You realize that this is a HUGE undertaking! I mean, a restaurant! Getting a restaurant with a stage is a challenge! And not to mention publicizing the event! You know, getting the word out so that enough people will come? You'll need some money for that too! Dave: Well, we've already done a fair amount of preparing. We wanted to make sure it'd be possible to get everything organized before I came to you with the idea. I know we need you to approve it though. Director: Well, do you think you'd be able to pull it off AND make a profit? Dave: Yeah! It sounds a local restaurant is willing to host the event at a discounted price! And we figured out all the cost to us and how much we'd charge per admission. And it all seems really promising! Director: Okay~~ it sounds pretty ambitious but I think it has potential!